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The Design Process

Have a great idea, but need help executing? Let us help you bring that concept or idea to life! Take a look at our process below.

1. Market Research

We research competitors, your target market, and create a strategy to execute that will guide the project towards success.

Every industry, niche or brand has a different approach they need to take in order to reach the right customer base. By examining your competitors and target market, we get a feel for how your competitors are doing it - so that we can do it better. This also ensures that the design we create for you is 100% original and stands out amongst the rest.



2. Initial Concepts

Creating a successful strategy to follow will ensure that your concept reaches success. We plan every step in the process to help ensure that nothing is overlooked before the concept goes into production. We provide you with initial concepts that we feel would work well based on our research and expertise.

By doing this, we mould how the project should flow and gather all of the required information. We create basic concepts at this stage and provide them to you. Additionally, we may ask you for any information or assets that we require from you that would benefit the project, like photos or additional information.

3. Preliminary Design

We make changes to your initial concepts and take it a step further creating a rough copy of your design. Working with you to mould the concept and create a final layout that you are satisfied with. During this process you will have the opportunity to review and make changes as we go. Once finished, we will have a rough copy of your revised design that you are satisfied with.

4. Execution

We take the revised concept and push it further, creating a digital vectorized version and making minor adjustments as needed.

Digital illustration, adding colour, typesetting, shading, and fine details. At this stage you will have selected a design that you are satisfied with, so changes are to be minor.

5. Production

Once digital versions of your design are finished, we create a press-ready version and offer printing / production options. We source production from top notch manufacturers, true professionals in the industry that have high standards. The best part? We offer affordable prices so you can look better than your competitors without breaking the bank.

Start your project today!

Every project comes with project tracking, where you can always see the progress and tasks remaining until completion. We also offer an online payment system and live chat support to all of our users.